cyber risk

The widening cyber breach

European companies need to reconsider their management of third-party data in light of a pending Europe-wide law on data privacy, which will greatly increase their data protection responsibilities and could impose far larger penalties.

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multinational risk

Developed specifically for multinational risk managers and brokers, ACE Worldview allows them to monitor the status of their entire global insurance programme - in real time.

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emerging risks

77% Of companies agree that supply chain disruption is one of the key risk factors for their business.

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Phil Sharpe

We can’t always immediately know what all our customers want, but we can ensure we’re always listening.

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“If risk managers are not up to the job and stick their heads over the parapet, they will get shot down!”

Julia Graham

President, FERMA

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10-point travel plan

Rob Upton at CEGA Group Services highlights 10 things to consider when traveling to or in remote environments.

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directors & officers

70% of European firms surveyed by ACE say managing liability risk is important for every company director

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