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Flying High

Flying high

Roy Scheerder, chief commercial officer of Transavia, on the growing geopolitical uncertainty, airline economics and revolutionising the runway through digital. By Rob Brown

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The importance of working together

Strong relationships can help overcome current industry challenges

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employee benefits

80% of companies agree that a good benefits package makes employees more engaged.

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Plane sailing

As the world’s aerospace supply chain becomes more complex, the hazards for civil aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are taking off

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38% of companies agree that businesses will only take cyber risk seriously when the law forces them to.

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Critical illness

“At ACE we believe our flexible approach to underwriting and pricing critical illness insurance, combined with our claims reputation, puts us in a strong position to develop this segment further”

Matt Foster

Head of Product Marketing, A&H, ACE

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Behind the screen

Elinor Zuke touches on a lighter topic of risk in the entertainment industry

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